2448 Lamar Ave, # 915, Paris, TX 75460, US

The 2019 show was the first quilt show in Paris, TX.

Explanation of Terms

Quilt Awards

Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention - Awarded by our two certified quilt judges

Viewer's Choice - Awarded based on votes by viewers

Eiffel Award - Awarded by a member of the Paris Arts Alliance

Small or Miniature Quilt

A small quilt is one whose width and length total 119" or less.

A miniature quilt is one that has no measurement larger than 24".

Large Quilt

A large quilt is one whose width and length total equals 120" or more.

Art Quilt

An art quilt that may or may not use a commercial pattern.  Design may include but is not limited to a pictorial (animal, human, or nature).

Mixed Technique

A mixed technique quilt uses a combination of quilt techniques.  A few examples of techniques that might be combined are pieced, appliqued, thread painting or other techniques such as yo-yo quilts, crazy quilts, digitally printed blocks, whole cloth, cathedral window, etc.

Master or Artisan

Whether a quilter is considered a Master or an Artisan is based on quilter history.  Masters can say yes to any of several criteria:  have been paid for making quilts, have taught quilting classes, have won a certain number of awards at quilt shows, etc.  Other quilters are considered Artisan level.  Artisan and Master quilts are not judged against one another.

Award Winners - Hand Quilted

Master - Pieced - large

1st - Sally Ashbachier, Dallas TX - "Delectable Mountain Star"

Master - Applique - large

1st - Nancy Gibson, Lindale, TX - "Oriental Fabric Fans"

Artisan - Pieced - large

1st - Suzanne Lowe, Clarksville, TX - "River Road Baskets"

2nd - Jane Newberry, Forney, TX - "Vintage Farm Girl"

Artisan - Appliqued - large

1st - Jane Newberry, Forney, TX - "Civil War Bride"

2nd - Bonnie Yoakum, Clarksville, TX - "Pansies"

Artisan - Mixed - large

1st - Toopie Wilkins, Blossom, TX - "Texas Log Cabin"

2nd - Toopie Wilkins, Blossom, TX - "Whirlwind Quilt"

3rd - Carolyn Deaton, Bogota, TX - "Morning Glories"

Artisan - Mixed - small

1st - Carlyon Deaton, Bogota, TX - "Sleeping Bears"

2nd - Susan Swint, Paris, TX - "Richard's Request"

Award Winners - Large - Machine Quilted

Master - Pieced

1st - Nancy Gibson, Lindale, TX - "One Fabric Andromeda"
2nd - Arlene Hatcher, Sumner, TX - "Quilt of Valor for Bob"
3rd - Fiona Egan, Avery, TX - "Curved Log Cabin"
Hon. Mention - Connie Steadman, Paris, TX - "Autumn Fantasy"

Master - Appliqued

1st - Zita Warmke, Grant, OK - "Bees in my Garden"

2nd - Martha Lindberg, Mesquite, TX - "Round & Round the Neighborhood"

3rd - Zita Warmke, Grant, OK - "Birds & Bows" - also winner of The Viewer's Choice Award

Master - Mixed

1st - Eve Graf, Paris, TX - "Garden Friends"

2nd - Evelyn Cheek, Mesquite, TX - Winking Santa"

3rd - Regina Harris, Paris, TX - "Victory Quilt"

Artisan - Pieced

1st - Dianah Zehetner, Paris, TX - "Simply Southwest Squedge"

2nd - Peggy Murdock, Fruitvale, TX - "Labyrinth"

3rd - Isabel Davis, Campbell, TX - "Izzy's One Block Wonder"

Hon. Mention - Sherry Hill, Sumner, TX - "Pansies and Stars"

Artisan - Appliqued

1st - Beverly Everett, Dallas, TX - "Log Cabin Trails"

2nd - Diana Fisher, Rowlett, TX - "Happy My Way"

3rd - Beverly Everett, Dallas, TX - "Squash Patch"

Hon. Mention - Beverly Everett, Dallas, TX - "Checkered Dresden"

Artisan - Mixed

1st - Denise Green, Ector, TX - "Autumn Leaves"

2nd - Dianah Zehetner, Paris, TX - "Texas Our Texas"

3rd - Nancy Ballard, Pattonville, TX - "Garden Path"

Hon Mention - Maxine DeTroy, Paris, TX - "Texas Our Texas"

Award Winners - Small - Machine quilted

Master - Pieced

1st - Fiona Egan, Avery, TX - "Northern Lights"

2nd - Glenda Moore, Mesquite, TX - "Minnie Me"

Master - Applique

1st - Nancy Glaspie, Mt. Pleasant, TX - "John's Narnia" - Also winner of the Eiffel Award

2nd - Nancy Glaspie, Mt. Pleasant, TX - "The Hobbit"

3rd - Nancy Glaspie, Mt. Pleasant, TX - Ruby's Wonderland"

Hon. Mention - Mistey Jones, Savoy, TX - "Blue Sky Butterfly"

Master - Mixed

1st - Jannette Fletcher, Paris, TX - "Smokey Mountain Wild Vine"

Artisan - Pieced

1st - Marti Rajotte, Commerce, TX - Texas Summer Solstice"

2nd - Denise Green, Ector, TX - "Encircled by Gummies

3rd - Peggy Murdock, Fruitvale, TX - "Josephine Knot"

Hon. Mention - Alice Crowder, Texarkana, AR - "Autumn Leaves"

Artisan - Applique

1st - Ruth Ann Hurst, Bonham, TX - "Farmer's Market"

2nd - Debby Hodson, Paris, TX - "Feathered Homes"

3rd - Beryl Newsome, Sulphur Springs, TX - "Dance of the Dragonfly"

Artisan - Mixed

1st - Diana Fisher, Rowlett, TX - "Frolic in the Snow"

2nd - Alice Crowder, Texarkana, AR - "Alice's Garden"

3rd - Linda Hogue, Dallas, TX - "Raggedy Angels"

Hon. Mention - Jackie Robinson, Paris, TX - "Forever My Valentine"

Award Winners - Art Quilt, Mixed Technique, Miniature

Art Quilt

1st - Rebecca Feldman, Reno, TX - "Wild and Carefree Sunflowers"

2nd - Rebecca Feldman, Reno, TX - "Covered Bridge"

3rd - Denise Green, Ector, TX - "A Tribute to Dolly"

Hon. Mention - Beverly Everett, Dallas, TX- "Bluebonnet Fields"

Other Techniques

1st - Candyce Garza, Powderly, TX - "Memory Quilt"

2nd - Lois Veien, Paris, TX - Cathedral Window"

3rd - Candyce Garza, Powderly, TX - "Wall Hanging"


1st - Arlene Hatcher, Sumner, TX - "Pineapple Picnic"

2nd - Nancy Gibson, Lindale, TX - "Wool Orange Peel"

3rd - Arlene Hatcher, Sumner, TX - "Starlet"

Hon. Mention - Denise Green, Ector, TX - "Fancy Fruit"

Hon. Mention - Denise Green, Ector -  "Coffee and Chocolate"