The Supper quilt

About the Quilt

We are excited to announce The Supper quilt made by Donald Locke, DDS will be displayed at the Eiffel in Love with Quilts show in 2019.  The quilt is about 15.3 feet wide and 5.5 feet high.  We wish to sincerely thank The Living Water Bookstore for sponsoring its display.

This monumental pieced quilt is composed of 51,816 half-inch squares.  It is modeled on Leonardo deVinci's famous work "The Last Supper" in Milan, Italy.  Dr. Locke worked on it for two and a half years.  First he created a computer generated image of the original, enlarged to show pixels.  He used the pixels as a guide in his selection of the proper color and value needed on each spot.  He then cut and sorted by color the more than 350 different fabrics, including some of his own hand-dyed fabric.  Other hand-dyed fabrics are from Joy press of Godley, TX.  The pieces were arranged on a design wall and sewn together in strips using a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  

After about 1200 hours of work, the emerging design became apparent.  The top was then machine quilted by Linda Taylor of Melissa, Texas.  The machine quilting presented a new set of problems because of the size of the piece and because the image was not apparent when working close to the fabric.  Linda stated that it was the most challenging quilting work she had ever done.

The Supper quilt was finished in September, 1999.  To read more about this quilt, visit the official website at